People with obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease or risk factors for heart disease who can afford to eat a whole herbal / vegan diet show significant improvements in weight loss and risk markers compared to people who only get regular care and dietary advice.This according to a study published in the journal Nutrition & Diabetes, part of the journal Nature. Researchers took 65 people to either get regular care and dietary advice or advice on a whole herbal diet based on whole foods plant-based diet. Weight and risk markers for cardiovascular disease were measured in one year.

We begin to talk about the lower vent for air entry, first of all my advice is to make signs near the lever, the first will be the one that indicates the minimum opening, the second will mark half opening and the third the opening total, because it is not worth it to always arrive at the end of the race if it is already completely open much earlier.

Let’s see the use, I recommend to light a half basket of briquettes, as soon as it is turned on completely it will take 15/20 minutes, all must be spilled near one side of the bbq.

At this point we close the lid and put the lower lever on the first notch, ie minimum opening, after about 20 minutes we go to detect the temperature that for convenience we will call T, now we have a reference, if we were looking for a T of 100 degrees and we are on the 120 we will go to remove some briquette but never too many, at most 1 or 2 at a time, we also give the time to T settle, now we are aware of how to reach the desired minimum degrees.

Now we bring the lever to the second notch to see what difference of T we have, let the bbq settle then wait at least 15/20 minutes then we will take the T to the lid, we will notice the difference, it would be better to score the first few times we will go to to read.

Finally we will bring the lever to the last notch that is all open and even here we always spend at least 15/20 minutes and then we will go to detect the T at the lid and we could write it together with the others.

Now we have an idea about how to get to certain Ts with less problems, maybe some adjustments will have to be done, while cooking, but anyway we would have some basis to know how to intervene. The upper lever is much simpler, at each cooking it will be enough to open it completely to allow the fumes to exit, the only exception can be made when smoking, to allow a smoother phase of smoke, but we will see it later, now we do one thing at a time.

Grind your meat alone

Let us reflect a second: are we perfectly aware of the way in which the minced meat of the supermarket is prepared and packaged? If you think that it is enough to cut some meat to make some hamburgers, I’m sorry to say that it is not so. It is important that the meat has the “right” amount of fat and a good amount of collagen that, melting in cooking, will make the burger juicy. On the contrary, cuts that are too thin, produce the tablet effect of sawdust, a bad thing.

A good compromise can be to use 4 parts of lean, 4 parts of cuts rich in collagen and 2 parts of fat . Chest and real tip will be fine. The fat can be recycled from these same cuts To grind you need a meat grinder, but if you did not have it at home, arrange with a food processor. Cut the meat into cubes, including fat, leave it in the freezer for half an hour. Put everything inside the robot and chop by turning the pulse motor. Check when you have reached the consistency of your liking. I like a coarse grain, you choose according to your taste. This method, in addition to ensuring the right structure of your meatball, limits the formation of the bacterial load that will be significantly lower than that of meat already minced by the butcher.

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