This is the eternal question. Wearing black or white at a wedding is always complicated, but there are solutions to adopt these colors. Follow the guide.

When going to a wedding, there are some rules to follow regarding his outfit. You have to be well dressed, elegant, but do not overdo it. Do not choose a dress similar to that of the bride, nor give the impression that one goes to a funeral. Black and white are two shades difficult to display at a wedding. But some tricks can help to control them.

Why is it difficult to wear white at a wedding?
White is obviously difficult to wear since it is the color of the bride. We still remember the outcry that had provoked Pippa Middleton by wearing a long, immaculate dress at the wedding of her sister Kate. Displaying with a dress of this hue can be seen as a provocation, a way to steal the show from the future bride and blur the tracks on the inevitable wedding photos. In short, a perfect way to quarrel with the bride who is likely to be offended.

Why is it difficult to wear black at a wedding?

As for black, it is of course the color of mourning. Seeing one of their guests fully dressed in black, the bride and groom may misinterpret. Nevertheless, there are solutions to wear these two colors and dramatize their meaning.If the total look black or white is rather inadvisable, these colors can very well appear by small keys. We can for example afford to give a nice alabaster blouse with a colorful midi skirt. The white can also be displayed with patterns, such as a gingham check dress or decorated with many floral prints, such as the dress of Alexa Chung at the wedding of her friend Aimee Philipps. Black is easily worn on a pair of pumps or black shorts dressed.



Natural or colorful, white hair is more trendy than ever! So no question of dulling the bright white of your hair with a fashion faux-pas side look. You are taught to bet on the right colors of clothing to highlight your pristine hair.

First there was the trend of gray hair in the twenties that released the quadras and quinquas to assume their pepper and salt.

Then, helped by the return of polar white blond, women have finally dared to also show their hair already very natural white, like the famous journalist Sophie Fontanel who has recently made the buzz.


With a striking Indian summer, the mini-skirt was the surprise guest of this Paris Fashion Week, unveiling the filiform legs of fashionistas in search of twist sixties. Typology of the models identified.

The sporty mini skirt
Clean lines, technical materials … the sporting trend lends itself perfectly to the mini skirt, which it revisits with energy in an urban and streetwear register. For a cool and sporty look she is also sophisticated for maximum femininity.

Our advice: Wear with sneakers that give the look, energize everything and attract the eye on the knees nicely stripped.


Dressing from head to toe in black and white can be pretty dicey because the result is sometimes too caricatural. Between pierrot look or bagnard look (in case of scratches), not obvious to realize how far we can go in the mixture of these two colors. This is why you will find many models softened rather by a cream color than a really honest white. Here are some seasonal tips.

Sixties Inspiration
This is the big, big, fashion this fall in the black and white register. These are very graphic looks inspired by the 60s and baby doll dresses. We find a lot right now at H & M, including straight dresses, twiggy. To wear with very opaque tights and varnished shoes for example.

Geometric prints in a black and white look are not easy to wear. Scratches, tiles or famous hounds can quickly turn optical illusion. It’s nice on the computer, but much less on you strangely. You can avoid taking too big patterns and introduce a different color than black or white in your outfit of the day. A visual poke is already good enough.



He returns every season. It is found in all wardrobes. It’s the essence of chic and elegance combined. Many of your favorite stars have adopted this timeless trend, both in their daily lives and on red carpets.

Here are 4 tips to help you embrace this timeless trend and our top 10 best-in-class shopping, but first, here’s Mitsou’s favorite black and white look.

Mitsou wears a Dynamite leatherette skirt, a classic H & M striped sweater, a black and white H & M plaid coat (in store only) and Aldo patent leather boots. We had fun mixing the stripes and the tiles and the result is beautiful. It is much easier to mix patterns when they are the same hues.